Celtic Designs

I seem to have alot of celtic designs so I decided they deserved their own page.
  1. Heart Knot
    Heart Knot
  2. Bevel Claddagh Panel
    Bevel Claddagh Panel
  3. Triangle Knot
    Triangle Knot
  4. Large Claddagh with Shamrock
    Large Claddagh with Shamrock
  5. Small Claddagh
    Small Claddagh
  6. The Green Man
    The Green Man
  1. Bevel Trillion Panel
    Bevel Trillion Panel
  2. Trillion
  3. Square Knot
    Square Knot
  4. Double Heart Knot
    Double Heart Knot
  5. Large Bevel Claddagh
    Large Bevel Claddagh
  6. Celtic Cross
    Celtic Cross
  1. Beveled Heart Knot
    Beveled Heart Knot
  2. Celtic Clover Panel
    Celtic Clover Panel
  3. Scottish Thistle
    Scottish Thistle
  4. Celtic Tree of Life
    Celtic Tree of Life
  5. Shamrocks
  6. Teapot
  1. Celtic Knot  Sea  Turtle
    Celtic Knot Sea Turtle
  2. Antique Looking  Flower
    Antique Looking Flower
  3. Celtic Knot Wolf
    Celtic Knot Wolf
  4. Circular Celtic Knot
    Circular Celtic Knot
  5. Celtic Christmas Tree
    Celtic Christmas Tree
  6. 4 leaf clover
    4 leaf clover
  1. Transom
  2. Thin Braid
    Thin Braid