About KilroyKrafts
Hi. I'm  Jim Gilroy. For most of my life people would ask my name, I would say "Gilroy" and they would respond "Kilroy" so the choice of Kilroy Krafts was a given.
I was a high school mathematics teacher for 32 years. As I said earlier I was attracted to glass as a child. Around 1980 I took my first class, I wanted to build a lamp. They wouldn't let me until I made a flat panel because they said a lamp was too hard. The rose here was that first piece. The roses lamp came second. I have worked with glass ever since, full time since 2004.
I strive to pick the perfect glass for each piece I do so the results are what I was aiming for. I am happy to say my work has claimed first place ribbons at the Florida State Fair for three years in a row and a Best of Show in 2014. I hope you will get as much enjoyment from my glass as I do.

Meet Sue

Sue is my wife of 39 years. She is another retired mathematics teacher. She has spent these years keeping me in line and on task.

Sue plays the clarinet and bass clarinet in two local community bands. Her musical abilities are a testiment to early training and "stick-to-it-ness." She hadn't played for twenty years after high school and then picked it right back up. She plays two nights a week either in practices or concerts.

Sue is a Stampin Up demonstrator. She makes greeting cards, scrapbooks, journals, and just about anything else you can make with paper, stamps, and punches.

My award winners

Oak Tree Sunset 2014 Florida State Fair flat panel won First Place and Best of Show.  It has three layers of glass. Top is the tree main trunk and Branches. Middle adds smaller branches and the blue sky. Back layer adds the red sunset. As the light changes behind the piece the sunset becomes more apparent

Hybrid Tea Rose 2014 State Fair 2nd place flat panel. Notice the clear rose and bud that are etched for details.  These first two were inspired by designs from David Oddey.

Fireplace Screen 2015 State Fair 1st place flat panels. The mother cat in the sky looks over her kittens.This was inspired by a card I bought on a trip to Seattle about 20 years ago. The artist was Bergsma.
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Hula Lamp  2015 State Fair thirdplace lamps category. The lamp was Sue's aunts and I made the shade. Sue made me add a shell bra, she was afraid someone would be offended.

Night Owl Panel 2016 State Fair 1st Place Flat Panels. Three layers of glass give this piece depth. Inspired from one of Sue's greeting cards.

Lamp 2016 State Fair 1st place Lamps.
There are two of these in our family room.

Dulcimer not a prize winner but a prize. I made this for the 2016 Mount Dora Dulcimer Festival and donated it to be used as a raffle prize.
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